Alone In The Woods by Rebecca Behrens

It's summer in Wisconsin and it's time for the yearly trip to Buttercup Lake. When best friends Alex and Jocelyn start to drift away from each other during the summer and school year, things don't go perfectly on the trip. While tubing down a river, their tube pops and soon, they lose track of their families and their location.

The struggle is real as they face bears, wolves, ticks, dehydration, starvation, weather, fear, hypothermia, and much more. Trying to survive in the woods is harder than it seems. Alex and Jocelyn must learn not only how to survive alone in the woods, but how to rebuild their friendship and become the best friends they were meant to be. Will Alex and Jocelyn be able to find their way home? Will they be capable of re-bonding and becoming friends again? And most importantly... will they survive? Find out in Alone In The Woods by Rebecca Behrens!

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