The World Ends in April

Updated: May 2, 2020

Eleanor Dross knows maybe too much about the end of the world, thanks to her prepper grandfather, Grandpa Joe, who spends his time taking Eleanor and her brothers, Phillip and Edward, on bug-outs to his basement full of supplies for any type of catastrophe.

But when Eleanor is on a quest for end-of-the-world memes to entertain Grandpa Joe, she stumbles upon an article by a Harvard scientist, Dr. Cologne, sharing his prediction that asteroid 2010PL7 will strike the surface of Earth on April 7th (which in real life, April 7th is my birthday!). Eleanor's discovery of this website leads to her starting a "Nature club", which is really secret code for "The end of the world club", which then leads to stress and lots of texts and emails. When April 7th rolls around, tensions are high as they await the future of planet Earth. Eleanor knows she'll be ready, but her classmates? They're on their own!

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