Beyond the Bright Sea

Twelve-year-old Crow has never wondered too much about her mysterious past, all she knew was that she was abandoned by her parents and set adrift when she was only hours old on a skiff. The skiff floated over to Cuttyhunk, a small island with few people living there. Crow was rescued by a lone fisherman, Osh. Osh is the only family that Crow has ever known besides her extremely friendly neighbor, Miss Maggie, who is like a mother to Crow.

Crow's curiosity sparks when she spots a fire burning on Penikese Island, an island where leper colonies once lived. The visit to Penikese starts a chain of events that leads to both answers about Crow's past, and it leads to danger, and people trying to torment Osh, Miss Maggie, and Crow. Read Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk to find out when happens next!

This is one of my favorite books and I loved it so much! I liked how it was set on an island and that it is based on a true story of a leper colony on Penikese Island. Crow was a very unique character. All of the characters were interesting! I totally recommend this book to anyone who likes Adventure stories. It's also a perfect summer read!

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