Coyote Sunrise

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Coyote Sunrise has been living on the road with her dad, Rodeo, for five years. And five years is also how long ago she lost her mom and sisters in a car crash. Coyote and Rodeo haven't been home since then, and when Coyote discovers that the park in her old neighborhood is being torn down, the same park where her mom and sisters buried a keepsake box, she hatches a plan.

Coyote's plan is to make her dad drive all the way back to Washington state without him knowing... before it's too late. Along the way Coyote picks up a few offbeat travelers: Salvador, Lester, Val, and Gladys. With her cat Ivan along for the ride, he offers a level of comfort to the crew that can only come from a beloved pet. Together, they help each other navigate the highs and lows of life, creating a strong friendship that will most likely live forever. Coyote learns a few life lessons too, like how it's not just coming back, it's being back.

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