Front Desk

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Mia Tang is an immigrant from China. Mia's family comes to America empty-handed and in need of employment. When Mia's mom is reading the newspaper, she sees a management opportunity at the Calavista motel, and the next day, they go in for the grand tour!

But the owner, Mr. Yao, is sour. He only pays them $150 per day, he won't let Mia use the swimming pool, and his son is just a younger copy of him. While her parents are cleaning motel rooms, Mia is at the front desk making sure no burglars break in, checking in customers, and getting a couple refunds. And while school is not going too well for Mia (besides her new best friend, Lupe), Mr. Yao has a plan for the Calavista motel. And Mia and her family have to find a way to stop him from taking away one of the only meaningful things in her life: the Calavista motel.

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