Good Dog

Updated: May 3, 2020

Brodie was a good dog. He was kind, playful, and obedient. He didn't remember exactly when he died, but he did remember the exact moment when he woke up in the heaven for dogs. When Brodie awoke, he was still running.

As soon as Brodie found out that he was dead, he knew he couldn't move on to Forever until his owner, Aiden, is safe from his violent father, who happens to be the reason Brodie died in the first place. When Brodie's friend from heaven, Tuck, tells him that there is a way to go back to Aiden's world, Brodie takes off to find his boy and keep him safe. Tuck comes with him, and in the real world, he meets a dead cat, Patsy (and she didn't pick her name) who is very sarcastic and stubborn, but she's manageable. Together, Brodie, Tuck, and Patsy help protect Aiden, and they sure Brodie goes back to heaven knowing that his boy is safe.

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