My Jasper June by Laurel Snyder

Leah Davidson hasn't felt the same since her nine-year-old little brother, Sam, drowned last summer. She has felt lost. Alone. Instead of returning to Camp Whippoorwill, Leah has been wandering around hot summer Atlanta. And that's when she met her. Jasper. Instantly, Jasper and Leah clicked, and become fast friends.

Then, Leah discovers that Jasper is lost, too. Jasper and Leah soon discover a hideaway, just theirs, where they could escape from their worries and troubles and have fun with each other. They called it The Vine Realm. As Jasper and Leah discover more and more about their similar past, the two friends use each other to navigate through their lives. They must support each other through the hard times, because without their friendship, they couldn't support themselves. Find out more in My Jasper June by Laurel Snyder.

If you enjoy this book, I would recommend Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart. Both stories include loss, friendship, and guidance.

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