Return to Roar by Jenny McLachlan

School's out, and Arthur and Rose are back and ready for a visit to Roar! They crawl through the cot, and yet again, return to Roar. Nothing has changed, except for the fact that Crowky is finally gone... or is he? As Arthur and Rose wake up the next morning, there is an ominous message scribbled on the side of Win's cave,"what's in the box?".

The box is a creation that Arthur and Rose had made years earlier. The box contains Arthur and Rose's deepest, darkest fears, and if Crowky attempts to let these fears out of the box, he could destroy Roar forever! So, Arthur and Rose journey to The End to find the box before Crowky does. If they succeed to acquire the box, they can destroy it and keep Roar safe. With the help of their "imaginary" friends, anything is possible.

This follow up to The Land of Roar goes deeper in to the secrets of Roar, leaving readers thirsty for more. Luckily, there's more to come in part 3, the finale of this ongoing adventure.

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