The Lifters

Updated: May 9, 2020

When twelve-year-old Granite Flowerpetal (AKA Gran) moves to Carousel, he feels so out of place that he wonders if he might actually be invisible. After attempting to walk through a brick wall to test his theory, he quickly discovers he is NOT invisible. And when a classmate witnesses his failed attempt, he doesn't realize it yet, but he just met who would eventually becomes his best friend, and partner in saving the town.

When Gran decides to follow the classmate who witnessed his epic fail, Catalina Catalan, he stumbles upon a world he never knew existed. But Catalina isn't exactly exited to share the secrets of the underworld with Gran just yet. Gran's persistence soon pays off when the pair embark on an underground journey to save the town above. Together they learn that happiness above can solve the sadness below, and that the best way to fight The Hollows is not with hockey sticks and two-by-fours, but with hope.

Travel underground on an epic adventure where heroes are made when kids do the heavy lifting!

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