The Science of Breakable Things

7th grader Natalie Napoli needs a boost in her life. Things are starting to roll downhill. Her botanist mother is under depression, her hashtag using science teacher has asked her a very hard question to answer, and her therapist dad has been asking way too many questions. When Natalie and her friends, Twig and Dari hear about a city-wide egg drop contest with a hefty cash prize, Natalie starts thinking. If she can win the contest, she can afford to take her mother to Mexico, where there is rumor of a field full of magical Blue Orchids, her mom's favorite flower in the world. Natalie knew that seeing the Blue Orchids would cheer both of them up and save her mom.

I liked this book because it was about family and friends, science and creativity, and being true to yourself and others. Natalie is a a brave girl and, although it took some time, she overcame her obstacle. I liked Natalie's personality and I also liked Twig's because Twig was funny and kind and Natalie was brave and resilient. I liked this book a lot and I highly recommend this book.

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