These Unlucky Stars by Gillian McDunn

Annie Logan feels like the Black Sheep in her family, and invisible at school. Sometimes, she'd wonder why. Before her mother left and never returned, she'd say, "Born under an unlucky star." And Annie always believed it. She had bad luck wherever she went. She'd sometimes even wonder if her bad luck was the reason her mother left in the first place. Her bad luck is how Annie's whole entire summer changed.

When a game of "Ding-Dong-Ditch" goes wrong, Annie's bad luck just gets worse. She becomes unlikely friends with an old woman named Gloria Crumb. As Gloria and Annie become closer, Annie soon finds out that Gloria is in danger of losing the ability to live in her house on her own. So, Annie set out on a mission to try and save Gloria and her weird dog, Otto. Just to add more to Annie's busy schedule, right around the corner is the Rosy Maple Moth Festival, and Annie feels the urge to participate in building the "Logan & Son" float. Instead, her dad and her brother Ray dismiss all her creative ideas. Annie then decides to help with the other shop's floats. Throughout her wild summer, Annie learns that life is not all about being lucky or being unlucky. You can make your own luck, and let it take you wherever it leads you. The brightest friendships are unexpected.

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