Three Keys by Kelly Yang

Mia Tang and her family had been working for Mr. Yao for a year. Ever since they arrived to America from China, they have been working at the Calavista Motel, dreaming of buying it someday. At the time, they were just daydreaming, but now that Mia and her family are the satisfied owners of the motel, life to them seems like the American dream.

But not everything is going smoothly for Mia, her family or her friends. Mia is trying to improve her writing, but her new teacher is making it pretty hard for her to do so. Mia's mom is trying to become a math teacher, but is getting less and less students. Jason Yao, Mia's frenemy, is trying to get in to culinary school but is running low on money, and her best friend, Lupe Garcia's mom and dad are stuck in Mexico and can't cross back over the border. In addition to all these struggles, there is a new immigration law in California and if it passes, it will mean the end of the Calavista Motel, education, and most importantly, their freedom.

Find out what happens in Three Keys, the sequel to Front Desk, by Kelly Yang.

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