Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is a tale abut a young Japanese girl, Minli, and a dragon named Dragon. Minli lives in a small village with her Ma and Ba, and lives in a small hut with very little food, water, or money. But Minli wants to change all of that.

So Minli sets out one day with her family's only money and tries to find a way to change her family's fortune when she stumbles upon a man selling goldfish. "Goldfish to change your fortune!" and with that, Minli was sold. She bought the goldfish and brought him home, to where her parents were very upset with her spending the money. But later that night, a strange thing happens with the fish....

The next morning is when her quest began. Along the way, Minli makes both human and animal friends, and meets people young and old, friendly and unfriendly. But the question is, will Minli find what she's looking for?

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